I’m an artist based in Nashville, TN with a background ranging from print to video. I thrive on creative problem solving and coming up with unique solutions for clients.

My love for visual storytelling runs the gamut from graphic design to animation and filmmaking. I’ve been involved in the industry for over 15 years, roaming across all aspects of production. I’m like a sponge soaking up every experience I can get along the way and thoroughly enjoy expanding my knowledge on topics both random and obscure.

Besides creative interests, I also have a passion for education and even spent a few years teaching things like art, science, and computers to high school students. If you want to know about the golden mean, build medieval siege weapons, learn to count in binary on your fingers, or measure the speed of light with chocolate, I’m your guy.

I’ve lived in New York, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, and now here in Shreveport. Outside of work and miscellaneous geekery, I spend time with my beautiful partner Sarah whose patience is far more than I deserve. Together we masquerade as responsible adults while wrangling exotic parrots, a Great Dane, a cat, and our two little humans.

I’m currently employed as a full-time editor and motion designer with KGV Studios in downtown Nashville. Previously, I was in-house for Gremillion & Pou Integrated Marketing (now Romph Pou Agency) where I have had the pleasure of working with clients such as Brookshire’s, Budget Mobile, United Way, and the YMCA.

If you need identity branding animation, visual consulting, or any other kind of creative services, don’t think that a dynamic, professional presentation is out of reach. Tell me what it is you’re looking for and I can help you create something with the right fit, large or small.